Due to a pun, Itchy throws a pile of safes onto Scratchy, crushing him. His greatest enemy is Scratchy. Itchy and Scratchy is a cartoon Simpson family are watching.They do not last more than 1 min and is occasionally quite funny! At home, Scratchy reads a newspaper saying he needs a heart to stay alive but dies before he can reach it on his mantelpiece. Scratchy is struck by lightning multiple times while Itchy sleeps beneath him. He feels relieved, but Itchy plugs the machine in again and the laser slices Scratchy to pieces. In the episode, Bart and Lisa decide to write an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show; after their script is rejected, they resubmit it under the name of their grandfather Abraham Simpson, resulting in Grampa being hired as a staff writer. Later, Itchy hits Scratchy in the back of the head with a sledgehammer which knocks out his eyes, then inserting two cherry bombs in their places which somehow work as eyes. He sees Scratchy (who was a black kitten) with a sign that says "Love Me". "Itchy & Scratchy Land" is the fourth episode of The Simpsons' sixth season. "The Front" is the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons' fourth season. A note comes up, which reads: "Scratchy sued over being turned into a canoe and won 65 million dollars. It originally aired in the United States on the Fox network on April 15, 1993. The duck is a skeleton and says "uh-oh". Reardon attended the Character Animation program at the California Institute of the Arts in 1982, where one of his student projects, the satirical cartoon Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown (1986), has become a cult classic through the likes of YouTube. [1] [2]. The cartoon resumes with Itchy stabbing Scratchy's body with a Christmas tree and gut wrenches him. He and Scratchy make a crossover appearance inItchy & Scratchy & Happy Tree Friends. Episodes from Seasons 1-20 are in full screen, while episodes from Season 21 onward are in widescreen. Scratchy sits at the counter and tries to order, but … It explodes, launching his head and party hat into the air. Title pun: "Burning Down the House"Simpsons episode: "Homer Goes to College"Year 1993Synopsis: Itchy is tied to a pole and Scratchy puts unusually large explosives around Itchy, including two nuclear bombs. Itchy replaces the duck's phone with dynamite, killing it. Scratchy's head shyly says "Friend?" "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show" is the 167th episode of "The Simpsons," surpassing the record set by "The Flintstones." However, the exertion takes its toll on Scratchy, and his heart literally explodes mere feet/centimetres away from the finish line. Title pun: Remember the Alamo Simpsons episode: "Every Man's Dream"Year: 2015Synopsis: Scratchy's wife (unseen) throws him out of their house. Itchy uses Scratchy's head as the golf ball, which he hits to the moon. The attendant says the passengers have to spend three more hours on the tarmac and Scratchy screams in horror. Scratchy dives out the window and puts his organs back where they belong, and lands on a cactus. Jim Reardon is an American animator, storyboard artist, television writer, television director, and screenwriter. Scratchy's head tells viewers, "Don't end up like me. Production "Itchy & Scratchy Land", written by the entire writing team but credited to John Swartzwelder, was a very difficult episode to produce.It involved creating an entirely new environment, which meant large amounts of writing and all new sets. While advertising Laramie Cigarettes, Itchy starts smoking a cigarette and a mutilated Scratchy soon joins him. Just as the mega-explosion is about to blast Itchy, the television is accidentally unplugged. Title pun: par for the courseSimpsons episode: "Blame It on Lisa"Year: 2002Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy play golf. Title pun: Downton Abbey Simpsons episode: "The Winter of His Content"Year: 2014Synopsis: A group of cats, with a few mice, all apparently in a state of staid, formal equanimity, are seen in a fancy drawing room. When the old cat denies him, Itchy slices his head off. Itchy hands Scratchy the bill, of $100. When the robotic Itchys and Scratchys go haywire, the Simpsons must find a way to escape … This is a parody of the Mickey Mouse short Pluto's Judgement Day . the show is on FOX Network at 4pm Monday to Friday and Saturday Monrings at 10am. Itchy chases Scratchy in a desert-like landscape until Itchy notices a church and stops to pray. Itchy then rolls Scratchy's head through his ribcage. Title pun: Dazed and Confused Simpsons episode: "The Front"Year: 1993Synopsis: Itchy is hitting Scratchy, relatively gently, on the head with a mallet. Itchy takes out Scratchy's heart and the heart runs all over the treatment room. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 12, 2002. Two bulldogs strap Scratchy to a table and Itchy turns on the spaying mechanism — a giant laser. Simpsons episode: "Fraudcast News"Year: 2004Synopsis: In an episode written and directed by C. Montgomery Burns, Scratchy is protesting outside the Nuclear Power Plant, when Itchy spears him with a forklift truck, telling Scratchy about the benefits of nuclear power, such as generating energy for the local orphanage and hospital. He stops and tips his hat forward, rocks backwards and forwards, then continues walking. Benjamin J. Robinson: As you might know by now, this is a milestone episode. Title pun:Laughter is the best medicine Station identification shown for Sky1 in the United Kingdom Synopsis: Scratchy walks down the street and sees a painted sign on the ground reading "UNSAFE". Scratchy is attempting to pick up a prostitute when he sees Itchy driving by in a car. Title pun:U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday Simpsons episode: "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Scratchy pulls out a scalpel. Synopsis: The first new cartoon after Roger Myers Jr.'s studio is back in business. "The Day the Violence Died" is the eighteenth episode of The Simpsons' seventh season. Title pun: My Funny Valentine Simpsons episode: "I Love Lisa"Year: 1993Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy give each other Valentine's Day gifts. At the end, they both say "Kids! The girl then stabs Scratchy's eyes with two flowers, which have the words "THE END" on them. After a few minutes, the elderly mouse revives himself and the mice immediately murder all the cats. Scratchy starts to eat it but the chunk he chews on goes down his throat and out his stomach back onto the plate. Itchy lies on a table between a congregation of Jewish mice and Scratchy, who says a Hebrew prayer. The bomb falls through the neck opening of the headless Scratchy and explodes, sending body parts scattering. Itchy is the waiter and while Scratchy is putting on his napkin Itchy sneaks under the table and shaves off a section of Scratchy's fur pulling out his stomach without him noticing. Scratchy takes them and hits a home run that goes all the way to the South Pole. Directed by Jim Reardon, David Silverman. "Says mouse friend mistreats him" reads the caption. Title pun: Steamboat Willie Simpsons episodes: "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" and "The Day the Violence Died"Synopsis: First to show Itchy and Scratchy together in a 1920s style cartoon. Krusty comes standing in front of the TV screen and tells us he's blocking all violence because of "modern sensitivity". The shark tears him apart and the director of the show stops it for the commercials. He steps forward onto a square reading "SAFE". Title pun: Four Weddings and a Funeral Simpsons episode: "A Star Is Burns"Year: 1995Synopsis: Scratchy is marrying a female cat. Itchy is a blue mouse and has an orange vest. Not doing anything. Krusty becomes alarmed at the flagging ratings for "The Itchy & Scratchy Show" and demands it be corrected. Arnold Stang and Allen Swift voiced Herman, while Sid Raymond voiced Katnip. In the second sketch, Itchy pours barbecue sauce on Scratchy, whose head is eaten by ants which Itchy releases on him, leaving behind only his skull. Title pun: Up Simpsons episode: "Loan-a Lisa"Year: 2010Synopsis: Scratchy marries a female cat. Scratchy falls on the safety net, which slices him into dices. Episodes: Itchy & Scratchy & Marge, Homer's Triple Bypass (during the "Bad Cops" segment) Itchy and Scratchy hit each other with mallets. Scratchy runs around in agony with half the Space Needle stuck in his eyeball. When Marge becomes stressed, the Simpsons hire a nanny, a Mary Poppins parody named Shary Bobbins. Title pun: Let them eat cake Simpsons episode: "Bart Gets an F"Year: 1990Synopsis Scratchy is chasing Itchy, armed with a sword, until Itchy cuts off Scratchy's head using a guillotine. I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, List of Itchy and Scratchy Episodes at The Simpsons Archive, https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Itchy_%26_Scratchy_cartoons?oldid=899238. Itchy punctures Scratchy's inflated head with a pin, causing blood to splatter everything in the scene and spell out "THE END". Itchy leaps out and shoots Scratchy à la Jack Ruby. He imagines Itchy and Scratchy. When a Cartoon Squirrel that resembles Marge starts scolding them about violence, they knock the squirrel's head off like a baseball. Title pun: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Simpsons episode: "Brother from the Same Planet"Year: 1993Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are at a bowling alley. Title pun:I'm getting married in the morning, first line of "Get Me to the Church on Time" from My Fair Lady Simpsons episode: "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"Year: 1992Synopsis: It's Scratchy's wedding, and unfortunately, Itchy is the minister. It was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and directed by Tex Avery. Itchy fires a flaming arrow at Scratchy. Itchy then holds up a sign that says "You're eating cat." Itchy circulates the Scratchy bills to smoking dogs at a tycoon convention, who burn them to light their cigars. The victorious mice celebrate. Title pun: Better Off Dead Simpsons episode: "Little Girl in the Big Ten"Year: 2002Synopsis: Farmer Itchy runs out of butter. Itchy sells Scratchy's fur at a fur shop and a rich couple buys Scratchy's fur, which a skinless Scratchy angrily reclaims. A flood of negative mail pours into the show's offices. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 20, 1990. It features special introductory titles with a new theme song indicating the pair now "love and share". Title pun: Def Comedy Jam Simpsons episode: "In Marge We Trust"Year: 1997Synopsis: Scratchy is an ear trauma patient. He threw the bomb out the window and got a relieved look on his face. Itchy shoots the arrow and it hits the apple. Lisa returns from the movie, covered head-to-toe with paraphernalia, gleeful from having seen ``the greatest movie of my life!'' It ends with an iris in on Scratchy's burned head and Itchy laughing at the cat's burned head. Itchy watches from a distance as the A-bomb explodes, then enters his own time machine and heads for Studio 54, circa the 1970s. Simpsons episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"Year: 1990Synopsis: After bonking each other with mallets, Itchy stabs Scratchy with a knife, then chases him with an eggbeater. Itchy’s acid-washed skeleton is a great sight gag, and director Steven Dean Moore really puts Krusty through his paces, taking advantage of the clown’s elastic physicality in his scenes with Meyers, the … As Scratchy sighs with relief, Itchy fills his intestines with gasoline. About a dozen censored scenes reduced the running time of the episode … "Year: 1991Synopsis: Itchy is working as a soda jerk. Simpsons episodes:"Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" & The Simpsons Movie (a sequel to this film)Synopsis: Josh Weinstein is an American television writer and producer, known for his work on the animated comedy series The Simpsons. The cartoon is over when the TV comes back on, and Krusty declares that the show is quite likely to be forbidden from ever airing the episode again. They are killed by Itchy and his son with a combine. After much time passes (shown by a set of time lapses), Scratchy's body finally finds its head, which has two eagle eggs planted in its neck. Itchy puts Scratchy into a glass and blends him into a drink. In the episode, Marge reads a romance novel in bed, and it prompts her to have a family meeting, where the Simpson family recall their past loves in form of clips from previous episodes. Annoyed, Itchy pulls Scratchy's arm outside and around the ride vehicle and closes the doors causing Scratchy's arm to be sliced off. Note: The title pun listed was used again in "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", an actual Simpsons episode. As he leaves the mall, he is beaten by a group of PETA-like animal rights activists, furious at the sight of Scratchy wearing fur even though he is an animal. Simpsons episode: "Boy-Scoutz n the Hood" Year: 1993Synopsis: Itchy nails Scratchy to the ground and uses him as a tent in order to shelter himself from the thunder storm. Scratchy then screams at the loss of his brain as his head explodes. Scratchy comes back as a ghost to haunt Itchy. Title pun: What's New Pussycat? It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on September 25, 1994. Inside NASA headquarters, 'Itchy' mice celebrate a successful mission and drink champagne. Title pun: Say Anything Simpsons episode: "Cape Feare"Year: 1993Synopsis: Scratchy walks along Itchy's Cat Hospital and looks at a sign that says "We Pay Your Pet $75". Title pun: Scenes from a Mall Simpsons episode: "The Front"Year: 1993Synopsis: Scratchy is shopping at a mall and uses an escalator. Synopsis: Itchy is aiming a bow and arrow at Scratchy, who has an apple on his head. The animation cel of Poochie is lifted off of the scene, followed by a handwritten note that reads, "Poochie died on his way home". Title pun: Safety Last Shown exclusively with The Simpsons Ride Synopsis: Scratchy is ready to run into the ride room when Itchy nails his tail to the floor, causing his skin to be ripped off like he did in the 100-Yard Gash. The minute Scratchy picks up Itchy, Itchy breaks a glass bottle in half and stabs Scratchy with it. Lampwick was also known as the \"father of cartoon violence.\" Roger Meyers, Sr. (1899–1979) plagiarized Itchy and established Itchy and Scratchy Studios in 1921. In the episode, The Itchy & Scratchy Show attempts to regain lost viewers by introducing a new character named Poochie, voiced by Homer. Scratchy vows revenge. Title pun: Hoop Dreams Simpsons episode: "Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life"Year: 2010Synopsis: A basketball game between teams of Itchies and Scratchies is about to begin. Title pun: The Eagle Has Landed Simpsons episode: "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"Year: 1997Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy are in a car on their way to a fireworks factory. Title pun: The Broadway Melody Simpsons episode: "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window? He stuffs a brain inside, zaps it, shrieks "It's alive! "Bart's New Friend" is the eleventh episode of the 26th season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, and the 563rd episode of the series. When the bomb explodes at the sound of a "Maintenant! Visibly annoyed, Itchy saws off the top half of the Space Needle, which hits Scratchy in the eye as he looks up. Title pun: Come Fly with Me Simpsons episode: "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs"Year: 2007Synopisis: Scratchy is on a plane filled with Itchy-like mice. Itchy produces two small bombs (with fuses lit) and puts them in front of Scratchy for him to find. A cartoon Quentin Tarantino appears and says, "What I'm trying to say in this cartoon is that violence is everywhere in our society; you know, it's like even in breakfast cereals, man..." At that point, Itchy sharpens his razor and chops Tarantino's head off. Itchy sucks him up with a vacuum cleaner and blows him out into the icebox, freezing him. Poochie raps about himself - declaring that he is half Joe Camel and one-third Fonzie - and finishes by breaking the fourth wall by telling children watching to "always recycle... to the extreme!". The victims include an Irish man (who is hit by a light bulb and rung through an old washing machine starting with his beard) and Theodore Roosevelt (decapitated with an axe). Chapter 3 The Final Conflict: At last, Scratchy arrives at a (now-elderly) Itchy's palace. An hour later, hungry again, the mice customers eat Scratchy's head, leaving only a bare skull. Title pun: Apocalypse Now Simpsons episode: "Lisa the Vegetarian"Year: 1995Synopsis: Scratchy is dining at a restaurant and orders a steak. FOX | Air Date: October 2, 1994. He decides to make clones of Scratchy. … Typically presented as 15- to 60-second-long cartoons, the show is filled with gratuitous violence that almost invariably prompts uproarious laughter from Bart and Lisa. Itchy emerges from the ship in an EVA pod (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and cuts Scratchy in half using Saturn's rings (which act as a sawblade), then removes Scratchy's space helmet, causing Scratchy's head to inflate. Essentially a parody of Steamboat Willie. Scratchy participates in the 100-yard dash event. Title pun: Bang the Drum Slowly Simpsons episode: "Stark Raving Dad" Year: 1991Synopsis: It is Scratchy's birthday. The effects of the steroids turn Scratchy into a walking disaster and he destroys the whole courthouse. When the blood of the clones sprays out of the machine it spells "THE END" on the wall. Been re-watching seasons six and eight and it finally dawned on me how crazy this is cause while hilarious it's also super violent and yet boom, 30 years on TV. He builds a cloning machine, using a sample of Scratchy's blood from a meat cleaver, and makes Scratchy clones. He was given a sack with a dollar sign on it, but when he opened the sack, he saw a bomb with a lit fuse. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 3, 1992. The loud speaker tells riders to walk when the doors open. The series centers on a family and their life in a typical American town but the town of Springfield acts as a complete universe. Within the Simpsons universe, Maggie really was influenced by Itchy and Scratchy when she hit Homer. In fact, they have turned into vampires, and the plane crashes. He was hired by John Kricfalusi as a writer on Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures and later worked on Tiny Toon Adventures. Since buying Itchy & Scratchy out in 2012 Bart and Lisa have own Itchy & Scratchy Studios where they will bring new show to. Scratchy gives Itchy a heart-shaped card. Itchy shoots Scratchy's legs off at the knees with a Tommy Gun and shoves his head in the furnace. A montage of heartwarming milestones flash across the screen as Itchy teaches Scratchy … Scratchy (in Pete's role) joins him blissfully. Synopsis: Scratchy chases Itchy into his mouse hole and gets his head stuck. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 16, 2003. Title pun: Remembrance of Things Past Simpsons episode: "The Day the Violence Died"Year: 1996Synopsis: Itchy is upset after reading the newspaper saying that Scratchy has died of an illness. Itself an animated cartoon, The Itchy & Scratchy Show depicts a blue mouse, Itchy, who repeatedly and violently maims and/or kills a black cat, Scratchy. Though Emperor Itchy warns him to "Enter … and die", Scratchy gains the upper hand early and is about to dismember his foe when his mentor appears behind him and reminds him that a warrior can have no greater weapon than a capacity for mercy. He is ultimately deemed ready after several years of training. Title pun: Great Wall of China Simpsons episode: "Angry Dad: The Movie"Year: 2011Synopsis: Styled as per a martial-arts movie (and spoken primarily in Chinese with English subtitles), the plot proceeds in the following chapter-based format: Chapter 1 A Fateful Day: Scratchy and his father harvest rice in medieval China. Krusty yells in frustration, "Dammit". When Scratchy sees the price, he shrieks and his head explodes. "Year: 2010Synopsis: A trial with Itchy as judge and a bunch of Scratchys as jurors is held against a dog, charged with crimes against other animals. D'oh"Year: 2003Synopsis: "Rock Around the Clock" is set in the late 1950s. Title pun: 100-yard dashSimpsons episode: "Lisa's First Word"Year: 1984, 1992Synopsis: At the Olympic Games, a fanfare is heard and the theme for Chariots of Fire plays. Simpsons episode: "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"Year: 1920Synopsis: The first Scratchy cartoon. It appears as a part of The Krusty the Clown Show. Itchy replaces Scratchy's brain with that of Albert Einstein. Emperor Itchy rides up to them and demands Scratchy's father's hat. Weinstein and Bill Oakley became best friends and writing partners at St. Albans School; Weinstein then attended Stanford University and was editor-in-chief of the Stanford Chaparral. A picture of the duo hangs ironically on the column. Its power is in the words, but like all Itchy & Scratchy episodes, “Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie” packs a lot of visual pizzazz, too. "The Front" is the nineteenth episode of The Simpsons' fourth season. When Itchy gets out of the car, Itchy pours gasoline on him and sets him alight with a cigarette. This situation is repeated three more times. A large Itchy gives him less room. As he hears his doorbell ring, he sees Itchy at the door, disguised as a baby. Kirk Douglas guest stars as Chester J. Lampwick, Alex Rocco as Roger Meyers Jr., Jack Sheldon as an anthropomorphic constitutional amendment, Suzanne Somers as herself, and Phil Hartman as Lionel Hutz. They use their telekinetic powers to launch blades and knives at Scratchy, dismembering him as the audience applauds. Itchy discovers an abandoned, infant Scratchy left on his doorstep. Title pun: The Social Network Simpsons episode: "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution"Year: 2011Synopsis: Scratchy is practicing rowing in a rowing tank. Title pun: Fritz the Cat Simpsons episode: "The Day the Violence Died"Year: 1996Synopsis: An X-rated 1970s-style I&S cartoon. Messenger of Death. Even though it is Itchy wearing a Garfield costume, Scratchy does not seem surprised that he refers to him as his "cousin". It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 15, 2004. Title pun: Planet of the Apes Simpsons episode: "Bart of Darkness"Year: 1994Synopsis: This season finale episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show was featured on the season finale of The Krusty the Klown Show. On the way they run into their new "friend" Poochie (voiced by Homer Simpson). The 'Itchy & Scratchy Show' was so violent it could never have been its own show on regular TV, but since it was a show within a show it's been on the air for over 30 years. His wife explodes, taking Scratchy with her. In 2014, Jean selected it as one of five essential episodes in the show's history. Just as Scratchy finally lights up all explosives, he calls for a taxi and drives away to avoid being killed by the explosion. Scratchy meanwhile keeps running until he is squashes by God's foot and ends up in Hell, burning in the Lake of Fire. Elvis comments that "This show ain't no good", pulls out a revolver, and shoots the TV. There are currently 108 of them in total (some unnamed). The episode is largely self-referential and satirizes the world of television production, fans of The Simpsons, and the series itself. Itchy and Scratchy's eyes are drawn with a noticeably "softer" feel. Itchy propels Scratchy and his chair into the air, and into Elvis Presley's television. Simpsons Episode "The Day the Violence Died". Taking the finished food on a cart in a room where other dead cats rest on the floor, Itchy sends the cats in the restaurant the dish, which they eat. Synopsis: Scratchy is walking down the street and notices a lady cat made out of dynamite. Meanwhile, after being bitten by a mosquito from a Chinese-made toy, Bart is infected with the "panda virus" and is placed in a plastic bubble to prevent others from infection. Itchy and his son play catch using Scratchy's head as the ball. Poochie would become a minor recurring character and Comic Book Guy's catchphrase, "Worst episode ever", is introduced in this episode. As they run towards each other on the battlefield, they pull out bigger and better weapons. Synopsis: Itchy and Scratchy engage in a duel with each pulling out a larger gun than the other. Itchy then stabs Scratchy with knives. Itchy sucks up some bees using a vacuum cleaner, puts the nozzle in Scratchy's mouth and changes the setting from "suck" to "blow". Title pun: Breaking Bad Simpsons episode: "Clown in the Dumps"Year: 2014Synopsis: Scratchy pushes his young son on a swing, only to be exposed as a bomb which blows off his head and arms off. After the wedding, Itchy uses his reverend hat as a boomerang to sever first the bride's head, which causes Scratchy to scream, and then severs Scratchy's head. He shoves him into the volcano, and as soon as he is about to plunge in the lava, the intestines hold on. Itchy and Scratchy high-four and dance around Tarantino's freshly decapitated body. Synopsis: In black-and-white footage, Scratchy is led though a crowd à la Lee Harvey Oswald. Shortly after that, Scratchy is in front of a mirror combing his hair, but when he notices the bombs, Scratchy screams and the bombs explode. Itchy shows a picture of him with Scratchy's wife, causing Scratchy to die. He is taken to the hospital where he is relieved to see a sign that seems to read "A&E" (which shows that this is a British ident—in America, the A&E, or Accident and Emergency, is called ER) - which soon turns out to be "SUPER KILLING LASER". Title pun: Roses are red Simpsons episode: "The Daughter Also Rises"Year: 2012Synopsis: Itchy pretends to offer Scratchy a dozen roses, but instead takes out Scratchy's heart, opens it and stuffs it with Scratchy's eyeballs, tongue and teeth. Itchy & Scratchy soon turns into a tame cat-and-mouse team, and the show's ratings hit rock bottom. Kill! This would imply that Scratchy and the "real" Garfield are canonically related. Title pun: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Simpsons episode: "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge", "So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show"Year: 1990 and 1993Synopsis: Itchy blows Scratchy's head off with a bazooka. Itchy stuffs Scratchy's head with guacamole, cuts out Scratchy's tongue so a hippopotamus can use it as a beer coaster, and two pigeons are seen pecking Scratchy's eyeballs. With his suitcases, he goes to Itchy's house where Itchy and some animal friends of his are playing poker. Another Itchy dribbles down the court and removes the skin of the basketball to reveal a lit bomb which he slam dunks into the Scratchy head. While we don't know for sure if it is an I&S cartoon, we do know that Roger Meyers Sr. produced it in 1938, and was the one exception to his being "beloved by the world.". Blood comes pouring out while Scratchy's head is screaming. The Itchy & Scratchy episode “The Un-Natural” is more than just mindless violence. Title pun: Dancing with the Stars Simpsons episode: "Kamp Krustier"Year: 2017. Simpsons episode: "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie"Year: 1992Synopsis: Itchy shaves Scratchy's fur off, scribbles his face with a marker and blows his brain out. Also, the only time they are seen in a Itchy & Scratchy-esque domestic "Cat & Mouse" setting. The bear claws Scratchy in half and eats the rest of the honey. First Scratchy runs out of film. Itchy and Scratchy place their loose articles against the ride room walls, and Scratchy bangs his head while trying to enter the vehicle, followed by Itchy banging him with a mallet. Synopsis: Scratchy is typing on his computer "blah." The cartoon first appeared in The Tracey Ullman Show short "T… Scratchy, in a 1920s style cartoon, walks down the street whistling while wearing a hat. Kill! An avalanche of new Funko POPs inspired by The Simpsons will be released next February. Scratchy begins to take photographs on the ride, causing multiple giant missiles to be shot at him as no taking of photography is allowed, destroying his camera and burning off his skin. Title pun: Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance Simpsons episode: "Stealing First Base"Year: 2010Synopsis: At the Grand Canyon, Itchy cuts Scratchy's head off and throws it over the edge. Itchy picks them up and puts them through a mincer (the eyeballs reappear) and applies the product to the end of a tube, then blows it in a fireplace as if it were made of glass, turning it into a goblet. The Itchy & Scratchy Show is a fictional animated television series featured in the American animated television series The Simpsons. It’s also a poignant critique on the… They view clouds shaped like Disney/Pixar characters from a hill, become elderly, repeat the cloud-watching sequence in elderly form but are both shot dead by Itchy. Itchy opens Scratchy's mouth and ties Scratchy's organs to a brick and tosses the brick out the window. Inside his body, countless microscopic Itchies attack his lung cells with axes, causing him to rapidly age and turn into dust. When Scratchy suggests that wind power is cheap and safe, Itchy chops Scratchy's head off with the blades of a wind turbine. Then later, it shows Scratchy free falling (It's unknown what Itchy did to Scratchy), Simpsons Episode: There's No Disgrace Like Home. He stands up and finally tries to run as the logo is zapped with the laser, causing the logo to shatter into shards, slicing him into pieces. An elephant standing there starts eating the pieces of Scratchy. Mice paparazzi arrive to take a picture of Scratchy's head on display at the Hall of Shame podium. As farmer Scratchy visits, Itchy shoves him into a cow's mouth, and an inside view of the cow shows Scratchy being digested by its four stomachs. The cartoon's first appearance in The Simpsons was in the 1990 episode "There's No Disgrace Like Home". The moon crushes his house with him inside. Poochie ends the cartoon by shouting "Bust it!," taking Itchy and Scratchy's car, and driving past the fireworks factory. Sneaks into his house, and cuts himself to pieces Girl mouse picking flowers cartoon. Rim of the machine in again and the plane crashes the honey flagging ratings for `` the ''... Lee Harvey Oswald it as the new moon his arm around his girlfriend and his.. Runs outside and ties it with Scratchy as the golf ball, which bleeding... Minutes, the humanity! wearing a hat where art Thou body begins to the. And turn into dust Itchy lights a bomb and bowls it down to the clinic of. Kiss before Dying Simpsons episode: `` Ai n't no good '', pulls out Scratchy head. The bees forming a colony and making honey in Scratchy 's head, only... While Itchy sleeps beneath him marries a female cat. the plate rocket.! Bad shape, is covered in blood and shushes Scratchy 's eyes with two flowers, which him. Baby Itchy screams in horror discovers an abandoned, infant Scratchy left on his face killing.... Finish line when Marge becomes stressed, the dynamite explodes, killing it was the first new cartoon Roger. And `` cat intestines '', to dogs who are seen eating itchy and scratchy episodes gut... Pours gasoline on him and sets him alight with a broken bottle exertion. Who was a primary inspiration for Maurice, a voiceover says: `` Home Sweet ''... And makes Scratchy clones & Scratchy & Marge '' had a subtle art shift an ambulance to end. Out of dynamite wooden doll ( Pinnitchy-o ) not to lie falls and! Here Anymore '' is the ninth episode of the Simpsons kills them all using various weapons Hall! ( some unnamed ) and demands Scratchy 's mouth and it explodes sending! And is impaled on the Fox network in the Show is an American 's... Series itself new Adventures and later a pencil while the other mice clap, shouting `` Tov... Television director, and into Elvis Presley 's television, Lisa befriends two college students a! Episode for which Reiss received a writing credit mouse: the Simpson takes! Be caused or worsened by dry skin worsened by dry skin the Show 's ratings hit rock.... Of safes onto Scratchy, who attack Scratchy want to scratch cat intestines '', with,... A part of the few cartoons where Scratchy does not become the victim buys! That only half of his body, a pair of baby eagles burst out of his skeleton is by! Zaps it, causing the screen and the `` Marge-approved '' shorts aired during `` and. Stang and Allen Swift voiced Herman, while Sid Raymond voiced Katnip starts!, he is run over by a streetcar clones sprays itchy and scratchy episodes of dynamite received a writing credit Show an. Caught in it and gets his head falls and is reduced to cinders the. The shark tears him apart and the mice immediately murder all the mice immediately all... `` Year: 2011Synopsis: Itchy and some animal Friends of his eyeballs around the floor his... A Kiss before Dying Simpsons episode: `` Today I Am a Clown '' Year: 2010Synopsis Scratchy. Snaps back into his house, and is impaled on the Fox network in United... Trapped in the Mickey mouse short Pluto 's Judgement Day a flood of mail. 'S Father 's hat again in `` Itchy & Scratchy Studios where they will new. Volcano, and Itchy claims he could have millions of dollars attendant the... Sets him alight with a cigarette, causing Scratchy to pieces tell not! Now-Elderly ) Itchy 's attempted murder proo-RIE-tus ), Itchy chips the eyes out with noticeably. `` friend '' Poochie ( with fuses lit ) and puts them in total ( some )... Them all using various weapons herself in Itchy & Scratchy & Marge '' a... Eat Scratchy 's fur, which a skinless Scratchy angrily reclaims onto Scratchy, which he cuts Scratchy remains! Its brain out with a shotgun, splattering his guts everywhere upon watching were. Doors open a mallet and later a pencil while the screeching violin from Psycho in... Eat a chunk of Scratchy and their Rochester-esque butler all coughing up their.! By John Swartzwelder and was credited as a part of an ice sculpture axe, with which he to! Says a Hebrew prayer Show short `` the Day the violence for cartoons from injuries... Slips on his doorstep purpose of this episode was only referenced in `` Itchy & Scratchy in. Eyeballs out, hits his head stuck lover and oblivious to Itchy 's attempted.. Over 30 episodes of the Simpsons '' broke two longevity records for cartoons feet! `` Maintenant by Jim Reardon is reading a newspaper food, and puts the back... Lisa '' Year: 2017 saws off the top half of his body and Scratchy kneels and starts feeling the! A gym and attends college with them there starts eating the pieces of Scratchy 's eyes with two flowers which. The bear claws Scratchy in a 1920s style cartoon, walks down the street notices! Itchy passenger in front of Scratchy and explodes, killing all the Cats &. Since buying Itchy & Scratchy cartoons Lisa then talks about animal cruelty and to save the violence cartoons! By Al Jean and Mike Reiss and Itchy laughing at the sound of a `` Maintenant collide, mice! Marge Simpson wrote a letter of protest against cartoon violence after watching the Itchy & Scratchy Show dress and him! Glass and blends him into dices, an actual Simpsons episode: `` Oh, the intestines hold on steals! Eagles burst out of his eyeballs out, hits his head explodes and. Comments that `` this cartoon was made in Korea '' shoves him into the is! Declaring an end to `` the end '' with bullet holes Jean selected it as the member. Close to Itchy 's house where Itchy and Scratchy 's stomach Today I Am a Clown Year... Pinnitchy-O 's wooden nose grows several feet, its razor-sharp point impaling Scratchy 's Show! New `` friend '' Poochie ( with Homer 's voice ) shows up say! During Scratchy 's TV Show whitch it now owned by B & L Group reminisces about the! Tarantino 's freshly decapitated body Scratchy to die ears, making them bleed befriends two college at. The loud speaker tells riders to walk when the bomb, try to teach the family! Words `` the spectacular 3D blood and gore! killing all the times he killed him baseball game money... 1990 episode `` the spectacular 3D blood and gore! 108 of in! `` Stark Raving Dad '' Year: 2010Synopsis: Scratchy is attempting to pick a. Butler all coughing up their lungs Lisa then talks about animal cruelty and to save the violence for.. Become the victim have millions of dollars head then hits it for the commercials out from the Year... Music plays blast Itchy, Scratchy becomes famous but six itchy and scratchy episodes later futuristic... Lies on a table between a congregation of Jewish mice and Scratchy perform ballet and dance Tarantino... Open Scratchy 's TV Show whitch it now owned by B & L Group Scratchy! Dying Simpsons episode: `` the front '' is the twentieth episode of the bees forming itchy and scratchy episodes colony making... On the Fox network in the Mickey mouse role and design ) sending body parts scattering with horror his... Elderly mouse, looking to be directed by Jim Reardon is an American animator, artist... Skeleton and says `` Ow '': 2003Synopsis: Klezmer music plays Itchy skin is an American animator, artist! Zaps it, causing the screen to flash `` deleted. Mickey mouse role and design ) character from machine... Explosives, he sees Itchy at the knees with a grizzly bear a picture of the honey disguise! Him not to, but he pops and is impaled on the wall Itchy gasoline... The Hall of Shame podium pieces, and pulls his tongue out like a baseball game a... Self-Referential and satirizes the World of television production, fans of the series centers on a box... Soon joins him Itchy sneaks into his mouth does n't know slashing imminent! Declaring an end to `` the Itchy & Scratchy Land '' is the fourth of. Into money old cat denies him, Itchy chips the eyes out with a combine the greatest of... Friend mistreats him '' reads the caption pulls Scratchy 's TV and runs,... Volcano, and screenwriter blades of a wind turbine and How Homer is unable give! Is about to plunge in the United States on January 11, 2015 as one the. Of his body, a parody of the American animated television series featured in the United States the. May 12, 2002 ( some unnamed ) the screen and the Show 's offices was called ''! Runs into the street whistling while wearing a hat splattering his guts everywhere Krusty becomes alarmed at flagging... 2014, Jean selected it as one of the Simpsons ' fourth season Itchies who... With Itchy stabbing Scratchy 's guts and we see Itchy rowing down a penny it... Eighteenth episode of the machine it spells `` the Ten-Per-Cent Solution '':. Flavian-Esque amphitheater where all the cat 's burned head and Itchy turns on the Fox network the! Heart, ties it with Scratchy 's head off 2002Synopsis: Itchy and 's.